Top 5 Best Electric Airsoft Guns 2020

Top 5 Best Electric Airsoft Guns 2020

There are so many options onboard that can lure you into buying them but, we know, not all guns are a worth decision. Here we’ve some Best Electric Airsoft Guns for you, have a look and decide knowingly.

Best Electric Airsoft Guns

Among all these, Black Ops – M4 Viper Elite has been our personal favorite as it is equipped with all the ambidextrous features you ever wished to have in a gun like flip-up sights and adjustable crane stock. Also, the Shooting range is great at 420fps via.12g BBs making it a great choice.

Black Ops Airsoft Guns Rifle7/10 Check Price
AirSoft Double Eagle M82P SIG 5529/10 Check Price
Camo M4 M16 AEG Semi-Full Auto M83 Rifle5/10 Check Price
Well D2806 M4 Electric Airsoft Gun8/10 Check Price
Lancer Tactial LT-19 Gen 2 M4 Airsoft Rifle6/10 Check Price

Black Ops Airsoft Guns Rifle– M4 Viper Elite

Black Ops, probably the finest manufacturers, have turned up their gun game with this M4 Viper Elite Gun as it features an upgraded gearbox. It’s a top-notch polymer-constructed gun that comes with a quick-release rail system. 

It’s equipped with all the ambidextrous features you ever wished to have in a gun like flip-up sights, adjustable crane stock with a buffer tube and much more.

The shooting range is also great at 420fps via.12g BBs with a whopping 110mAH battery. 

The gun is amazingly reliable as it comes with upgraded steel gears and is customizable and ready to compete. 


  • Upgraded Version
  • 420 FPS range
  • 110mAH battery
  • Little play in the Gears
  • May blew up on use

AirSoft Double Eagle M82P SIG 552

Eagle M82P SIG 552, a powerful shooter, comes equipped with a lot including a flashlight, red-dot target light and a beautiful stacking magazine having a capacity of shooting with 40BBs at a 240 FPS speed.

It’s a fully automatic, heavy-duty and high-built gun weighing a sturdy 5 lbs weight to shoot precisely with immense strength.

M82P is an electric gun that comes with rechargeable batteries and provides around 400 rounds per minute which is great for an electric gun.check-price-Amazon

  • Red target light
  • 240 FPS
  • Heavy and strong ammunition
  • 2 interchangeable barrels
  • Some may find it heavy

Camo M4 M16 AEG Semi-Full Auto M83 Rifle

M83, manufactured by Double eagle is a name of trust and quality when it comes to different varieties of assault guns and rifles.

Camo M83 is a semi-automatic new generation electric gun that is designed for medium-ranged targets.

The electronic gun sight of this M83 Rifle is quite adjustable to provide you with the ease you demand.

As it has a mid-range shooting capability, it can shoot at 200 FPS speed via standard 6mm BBs which is enough to target general items.

Also, the compatible magazine of this M83 gun comes with a capacity of 40.check-price-Amazon

  • Variable hop up version
  • Semi automatic
  • 200 FPS speed
  • Built-quality may feel cheap to some

Well D2806 M4 Electric Airsoft Gun

D2806 M4, manufactured by Well, is a stealth, Short CQB Barrel Version electric airsoft gun that’s designed to meet the needs of the users.

It’s a fun gun that works at 250 FPS with 0.12g BB’s power.

It features a plastic gear box and runs at 7.2V battery.check-price-Amazon

  • Accurate and Precise
  • Well built
  • 250 FPS
  • Basic design

Lancer Tactial LT-19 Gen 2 M4 Airsoft Rifle

LT-19 Gen 2 M4, manufactured by Lancer tactical, is a work of art made for targeting with a stealth power and amazing strength.

This gun is marked with a unique serial number and features an adjustable rotary polymer hop-up unit for your convenience.

The amazing metal-made gearbox of this gun comes with upgraded internals for more added strength.

Also, it has a 10-inches long rail and the magazine comes with a daring 300 RD capacity.

Moreover, there’s a retractable crane stock and rear sling mount that can feasibly adjusts to your situation.check-price-Amazon

  • Accurate and strong
  • Retractable crane
  • Long Rail
  • FPS is not explained

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