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ASG Dan Wesson Revolver Review ( All You Need to Know)

ASG Dan Wesson Revolver Review
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ASG Dan Wesson Revolver ReviewThis ASG Dan Wesson Revolver Review covers the pros, cons, and features of this airsoft gun to help you make a better decision.

Introducing gas-powered ASG Dan Wesson revolver having 6 inches long firing nozzle. The grip contains the 12 g of CO2 gas in a cartridge providing it when the grip moves backward. The metallic cylinder can accommodate 6 BBs at a time while it rotates after every round.

Its body is quite durable due to the material used in it. On the top of the revolver, you can add whatever tactical device you want to accommodate due to the presence of the weaver style top rail. This is a good revolver to carry while hunting and other adventuristic events, being lightweight you will not feel any burden.

ASG Dan Wesson Revolver Review

This is a revolver powered by gas (CO2) and the Dan Wesson has licensed it.  Its front side it fixed and the rail on the top rail is not Picatinny styled but is Weaver-style, this style makes the mounting quite easy and less time consuming, you can add any accessory of need on it due to the rail. It has a Double action trigger System to make the operation of the revolver quite easy as compared to single-action guns.

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Its rear sight is adjustable to help you aim at your target with real convenience and accuracy. The length of the chrome is 6 inches making it very sharp in aiming. The material used in its construction is metal and ABS plastic, this construction makes it durable and sturdy, the handle, made up of plastic, designed it an ergonomic way for a good grip.

This features a speed loader for quick action while the grip has a 12g CO2 cartridge and can be easily used by sliding the grip backward. The loader has 6 cartridges and each has the ability to hold one pallet of 4 or 5 mm. The metallic cylinder in which the pallets are places has the ability to rotate after one round of firing. This revolver is of .177 caliber and can accommodate 4.5 mm BBs while the weight is 2.26 lbs.

  • Quick loading
  • Light in weight
  • Looks very real
  • Accurate aiming
  • Less capacity for BBs

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